Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bush administration seeking to tamp down interest in B-52 incident

Today's Wayne Madsen Report provides a follow-up on his story earlier this week concerning the nuclear mission intended by the Bush Administration but derailed by Air Force intelligence. Had Israel been successful in provoking Iran via their air strike on a Syrian missile target -- which they claimed was a nuclear weapons facility -- the Air Force might not have been successful in thwarting Bush and his Neocons.
WMR has been contacted by a retired Air Force officer with nuclear weapons experience who has verified our account of the story about the B-52 and the nuclear cruise missiles being destined for the Middle East until Air Force elements aborted the operation and then leaked the matter to two trusted military-oriented newspapers, Military Times and Air Force Times.
We will keep you up to date unless Bush is successful in stepping on the story. WMR reports that he is certainly trying.

Although the media that covers the Pentagon is hungry for more details about the August 30 B-52 incident, in which six nuclear weapons-laden stealth cruise missiles were supposedly flown by "mistake" from Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, a Middle East deployment staging base, the incident is being shrouded in an official investigation and an outside investigation ordered by Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne and Air Force Chief of Staff General Michael Mosely are doing their best to string out the investigation as long as they can until media interest wanes. According to Gannett, Major General Douglas Raaberg, director of air and space operations of the Air Combat Command and the chief of the official investigation team, has already visited Minot and Barksdale. To highlight the cover-up of the incident, Wynne, Mosely, and Raaberg are still not using the word "nuclear" in references to the B-52 incident, keeping with a strict policy of neither confirming nor denying information about nuclear weapons operations.


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Almir said...

Thanks for the information.
- today I read in Wayne Madse:

Plane crashes in Turkey in good weather. Plane carrying 6 nuclear scientists en route to conference breaks up in mid-air seven miles from airport.
-- Can you read all the notice ?, I can not !!