Monday, September 3, 2007

Category-5 Felix on a path of distruction to the Central Americas and Yucatan

This second category-5 of the season is projected by computer models at the National Hurricane Center to skirt the Central Americas on Tuesday -- Honduras, Belize and Guatemala -- coming in under Cuba before entering the Yucatan Wednesday morning.

If Felix behaves according to expectations, the Yucatan will absorb most of its strength before it proceeds into Mexico proper along such a southerly line that the warm Gulf waters will not play a role to revive the hurricane's strength.

If you have family in Southern Mexico or the Central Americas you may expect an interruption in communication systems throughout the week. People will be moving to higher ground away from low-lying coastal areas. We can expect this system to pump lots of rain onto the Yucatan and Chiapas region without promise of rainfall to the upper Rio Grand and Trans-Pecos region.


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