Tuesday, October 2, 2007

WAKE-UP CALL: Monks to Be Imprisoned in Order to Remove Their Moral & *Spiritual Influence

*PLEASE NOTE: Our title above reports on Buddhist "spiritual" -- not "religious" -- influences. Nevertheless, even inside the monasteries there is some confusion regarding these two realms of activism.

A stunning example of non-violent resistance is currently playing out in Myanmar. The Myanmar Junta knows what the Arab dictatorships know and what the Bush Administration manipulates deceitfully -- that they cannot rule without the moral and spiritual legitimacy conferred upon them by the religious social institutions of their culture.

Activists, take note:
Thousands of monks detained in Burma's main city of Rangoon will be sent to prisons in the far north of the country, sources have told the BBC.

About 4,000 monks have been rounded up in the past week as the military government has tried to stamp out pro-democracy protests. They are being held at a disused race course and a technical college.

Sources from a government-sponsored militia said they would soon be moved away from Rangoon. The monks have been disrobed and shackled, the sources told BBC radio's Burmese service.

There are reports that the monks are refusing to eat.

The country has seen almost two weeks of sustained popular unrest, in the most serious challenge to the
military leadership for more than two decades.

Should this not awaken the Bush Administration and their cabal of Straussian Neoconservatives who have manipulated a virtueless and religiously decadent "Christian" right-wing into supporting militaristic, materialistic and exploitative corporatist goals using promises of The Rapture and the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and an ignorant and undereducated -- but wealthy -- scoundrel with oligarchic family connections, messianic delusions of grandiosity and an ungrounded sense of entitlement to inflame both their hatred and prejudice?

Should this not
awaken our militant warmongers in Congress, both Democrat and Republican, who have made egregiously hypocritical claims on "traditional American values"?

Should this not
awaken the top Democratic and Republican candidates for the presidency who would support Neoconservative causes for (1) the creation of a Pax Amerikana Empire established in the vacuum of world power resulting from the collapse of the USSR and the American middle classes; (2) control of world oil markets and monetary dynamics; (3) the security of Israel (even at the risk of American economic and political instability)?

Should this not
awaken the top Democratic and Republican candidates who are currently selling-out to the corporatist, ethnocentric and militaristic American Israeli Political Action Committee for their campaign funds and political support?

Should this not
awaken the belligerent right-wing Minutemen who pretend to guard our borders with Mexico but who are actually giving vent to a virulent anti-Latino racism?

Should this not
awaken Zealot "Christians" on the Right who clamor for Crusades against Islam in the Middle East and for the military and imperialist support of Israel, based solely on an intolerant, virtueless and violent religious view of Christian eschatology?



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