Tuesday, June 3, 2008

GEO Group Plans to Expand ICE Detention Center in Colorado

I have a general aversion to linking with anything related to Fox News, which at the national level is viewed by Progressives as not much more than a big media funded propaganda machine, a fact which even owner Rupert Murdoch arrogantly admitted. But this story deserves mention if for no other reason than it escaped the usual Fox News corporatist filters.

It should be no surprise to West Texas locals that The GEO Group -- which is a predatory corporation roundly considered unworthy of government contracts because of its sorry human rights record when dealing with "deportees," an assessment which is pretty well documented in case after sorry case across the nation -- is involved in yet another controversy, this one in Aurora, Colorado, whose citizens seem to know exactly with whom they are dealing.

So West Texans, beware! When B.O.P. finally looses patience with The GEO Group's mismanagement of the RCDC Complex in Pecos, it could very well move out the foreign nationals now serving crime related sentences and turn the units over to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement]. Our most recent experience of GEO involvement in the mismanagement of detainees involves unresolved allegations of sexual assault on females detainees by corrections officers at the South Texas Detention Center in Pearsall, documented by our brother blog This Ain't My First Rodeo.

Protesters Fight Immigration Center Expansion
Last Edited: Monday, 02 Jun 2008, 9:38 PM MDT
Created: Monday, 02 Jun 2008, 9:38 PM MDT
By SEAN TOBIN, Reporter

AURORA (MyFOXColorado.com) - Protesters taking over the Aurora Municipal Building Monday evening.

They came to protest the city's expansion plans for the current immigrant and custom's enforcement holding center at 30th and Peoria.

Many protesting say the center violates the rights of immigrants being held there.

"It's [even] inhumane to the people that's working there" [emphasis added], said Scott Kwasny of Jobs for Justice.

Protesters say the company looking to build and run the ice facility the GEO group is an international company that doesn't help the local economy.

"In the United States, GEO is very aggressive at keeping labor unions out", said Kwasny.

While protesters hammered their point home outside council chambers inside, city council heard from several protesters imploring council to allow a public hearing on those controversial expansion plans.

"Basically, I would just ask that you actually see this hear this", said one protester.

Ultimately, their protests were in vain. City Council voted 10-4 to kill an agenda item that would have allowed a public testimony.

The story continues at the Aurora Fox News site, which includes video footage.

It was so nice of the city council to vote democratically, as it were, to suppress the voice of the people and "move on." But then, Colorado has become infamous for its "grass roots" right-wing theocrats who've taken an interest in politics without the slightest knowledge of democracy as a form of government.

The people of Aurora would be wise to appoint a watchdog commission to oversee The GEO Group. It's not that The GEO Group goes out of their way to commit or allow human rights abuses in dealing with foreign nationals; it's just that they don't let ethics get in the way of the bottom line.

This company-wide attitude of negligence regarding the rights and welfare of non-citizens is reinforced by federal bureaucrats who have come either to a place of career apathy or who consciously accept the fallacious notion that the Enlightened framers of the U.S. Constitution had only American citizens in mind when they drew up the Bill of Rights.

In fact, one of the hallmarks of the Age of Enlightenment was that the liberties and freedom its philosophers advanced were intended to be universal. The American guardians of that flame recognized this principle, yet only two hundred years later, those responsible for carrying the banners of liberty have fallen into a stolid repose.

The wolves are at the gates.

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