Thursday, October 16, 2008

Balmorhea: Essenic Wonder

As an old Barton Springs polar bear now living in Balmorhea, I sometimes lose myself in the romanticism and sacredness of the Springs here -- San Solomon Springs at Balmorhea State Park.

In the late 20th Century, archaeologists in the Holy Lands began excavating the ancient site of the Essene Nazorean Monastery, a site thought to hold spiritual and historical significance, in addition to the site at Qumran, as one of the central monastic communities that gave birth to Christianity. Indeed, Jesus the Nazorean was a monastic Essene, the Essenes being one of four national religious parties of Judea during the Messianic Age. The other three were the Pharisee, Sadducee and the Zealot parties of which most are familiar.

The Essenes, their Aaron Messiah (John the Baptist), Their David Messiah (Yehoshua ben Yosef), the Essene sites at Mt. Carmel and at Qumran on the Dead Sea, their communities in Egypt at Alexandria, the quasi-historical saga of the Israelite crossing of the Jordan near Jericho, the related symbolism of water baptism and the community meal, all have a biblical and historical significance that I dare say today's nominal Christians no longer appreciate.

Even Roman Catholics seem not to appreciate that Our Lady's original appearances to visionaries, always symbolic of the Messianic Rebirth, trace to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, one of the sacred community sites of the Essenes at the time of Jesus. Our own Lady of Guadalupe of the Americas traces her origins to Mt. Carmel through Revelations 12. The symbolic virtue of Revelations 12 is not violated; it is complete even as presented to Juan Diego of Cuauhtitlán in the 16th century.

Ironically, thanks to the science of archeology, the rightful and functional appreciation of the sacred may someday return bringing with it a sense of stewardship beyond that of the religious materialism of contemporary Christianists by whose closed minds and self-righteous hands our environment has suffered since the onset of the right-wing Reagan era. Indeed, although restrained by a threatening economic collapse, we seem on the verge of return to a commitment to the sacred that will help re-inspire our culture with a sense of responsibility for the environment, to the reality that we are not separate from the land, and to the re-realization of the fragile sacredness of our most basic life-sustaining resources -- Air & Water.

The arrogance of Regan era Christianist eschatology has been devastating in its effects, mainly of neglect and apathy regarding the environment while it wasted its time stoning itself over homosexuality and sex scandals which turned out to be the very deamons biting their own asses. Perhaps, just as in the case of the American Civil War where destruction of the Southern infrastructure and economic collapse forced the demise of the institution of slavery, Amerika may now be at the point of a depression so deep that greedy corporatists no longer have industry to sling its filth upon the land, unfettered by a corrupt political administration out to greese the palms of its cronies in war and imperial adventureism and religionists to justify it all. The dragon has been slain but its ironical anti-christ refuses to die! Baracuda, thy name is Sarah!

The struggle to save Barton Springs in Austin has been carried on by people for whom government involved Christianists refused support or commitment, if they didn't in fact disdain the noble activists for their perceived liberalness as "tree huggers." Indeed, the arrogance perpetrated by Christianism has been a curse upon the land and it continues to threaten.

San Solomon Springs is a place of baptism, a place of rebirth. It is not some contrived, hackneyed or irrelevant symbol of superficial religiosity like a stainless steel walk-in tub on stage behind a mahogany pulpit and a linen curtain, good for a cold Sunday dunkin,' a picnic with potato salad, fried chicken and cheap grace. It is a Return to Oneness of a type that requires more commitment of us than babbling the majic of a name transmogrified into an Olympian god and forgotten while American Idol is on and Mom is out moose hunting. Their's is blasphemy of the highest order, a vile zealotry only Amerikan religious materialists are capable of inveying against the very Universe.

It is incumbent upon the mainstream churches of this country to resist the duplicity being carried out "in His name" under the dominionist influences that encroach upon democracy and demand the institution of theocracy. It is partly because of the apathy of the mainstream that our country has come to this and that just when we perceived a respite in this storm of Zealotry, the Machiavellians of agnostic corporatism discovered Sarah Palin.

Today, I want to thank the folks at Cactus Rose for their inspiration and for calling our attention to the sacredness of the many artesian springs in Texas -- living waters and the good earth through which they flow that no longer seem to figure into anyone's plan of salvation. Al Gore was absolutely right when he said that his mission to help save the planet was more important than seeking the presidency.

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