Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bathroom in Recovery

This one's not too interesting as photos go. If fact, I find it gross. But you should have seen the "before" picture when crap was coming out the bottom of this john and ruining the floor from underneath the tile.

Definitely not dinner conversation but I wanted everyone to know what a shitty weekend I've been having.

This little house has had all the quick fixes it can take from previous residents before blowing out the crapper, two sinks and the bathtub all the same day.

Yesterday, I fixed the kitchen sink and then took-on the bathroom where I had to take out all of the fixtures, replace sub-flooring and tile and then reinstall the fixtures with new innards.

I got glue everywhere, of course. At one point I looked down and noticed that I was tracking toilet paper around with me. Somehow, it got stuck on the bottom of my shoe after I stepped in glue.

It reminded me of the Rosanna Rosanna Danna skit from SNL where she informed the Queen of England in a public restroom at a concert for Her majesty that the Royal Mum had toilet paper stuck on the bottom of her shoe.

Worse than that, I'm wandering how to get it off my new floor -- the glue that is. Acetone? I'll check around town for advice.

In the meantime, a new resident moved in. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. This one seems to have a cobra image on the back of his/her head and I'm hoping its just a water snake. No rattles but it has a diamond pattern, blunt nose and a nasty disposition when someone is trying to capture it in a plastic jug and take it to the countryside for release into the wild.

My JRT, Bailey Wu, was not about to mess with this one. I guess he still remembers the rattlesnake that got him on the side of his face, costing me a good $700 in antivenin IV and Vet visits.

While Bailey just stood there looking, not daring to make an aggressive move at the new house guest as s/he got away under the baseboard and into who knows what or where inside a wall or under the house.

Personally, I could do without snakes, blown-out johns, the smell of raw sewage and the floor falling out.... which reminds me of the current political situation in the Vice President's Office, but I'll save that conversation for another blog and another day.

Point * * * Counterpoint * * * Section

The thing that saved the entire weekend was a spontaneous invitation by members of the Chinate Foundation to join them for dinner and an outdoor movie at Balmorhea State Park during their annual 4-day get-together. In fact, we watched two movies: Hitchcock's 39 Steps and 3:10 to Yuma. There was even a Cuban street dance. These wonderful people had me longing for Austin where I lived for 25-years among the same Bohemian mix of the highly educated and the progressive, but the desert isn't done with me yet and all other doors seem to remain closed.

And then, I ran across this article on about ecology, the world paper vs water controversy, and Japanese potty technology. Now I'm feeling deprived for having to live without a Toto Neorest. Back to stay, even after successfully remodeling my bathroom, is that all too familiar sense of relative poverty. What a shitty weekend.


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VRB said...

What you have there is a hognose snake. They're totally harmless, though they try to convince you that they're rattlers in hopes that you'll run like hell before you look too closely. I had one as a pet for a while when I lived in Balmorhea - I caught it at the park, in fact, which was probably a federal violation. I took it to school in my shirt pocket, but when it was discovered the principal threatened to kill it in my back pocket with a large board.