Monday, October 13, 2008

Broken Promises, Broken Dreams -- Not Running from the Pain

It's not the first time.
I was married once.
It didn't last.
All things do have that essential nature:
They pass.

I came home from work one afternoon
And she was gone.
No arguments,
No disagreements,
Not even an explanation.
The bank account was emptied before I could get there the next morning.
That was all the explanation I really needed.
Material girls have material dreams,
Dreams that working class guys just can't pay for.

And there was Zoe.
Her name was Greek for "life."
No one ever moved me like she did.
But material girls have material dreams.
Dreams that working class guys just can't afford.

There were others.
Experiments don't come with commitment.
Sometimes they die leaving dreams behind,
And a world that feels changed, empty without them,
But so tender in their memories.
Tim died of AIDS on the Eve of Thanksgiving.

Love is something better left undefined.
It rails against you otherwise.
It appears as a shadow in your dreams
And then abandons.
Snowdrifts in howling winds that force lovers into each others' arms
And melt in the Afternoon Sun

* * *

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