Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Balmorhea Mystery Man Continues to Puzzle Local Dominionists With Out-of-Control Demeanour

▪ Abstract: "Apocalypticism and millennialism are the dark and light sides of a historical sensibility transfixed by the possibility of imminent catastrophe, cosmic redemption, spiritual transformation, and a new world order. [....] Turning to contemporary America, we survey the ways in which an apocalyptic/millennial sensibility—as a mode of attention, mode of knowing, and voice—has come to inhabit and structure modern American life across a wide range of registers." [cf; Bad Endings: American Apocalypsis. Kathleen Stewart, Susan Harding. Annual Review of Anthropology, October 1999, Vol. 28, Pages 285-310 (doi: 10.1146/annurev.anthro.28.1.285)]

Take a good look at the man in the above video, the man in the black Brooks Brothers suit. [also pictured in the file photo from Tel Aviv at right.]

Is he in Balmorhea just visiting? Or is he, in fact, investigating? Is it possible, as international sites frequented by investigative journalists allege -- that he works for שירות ביטחון כללי, Sherut Bitahon Klali -- Israel's infamous Mossad?

If so, who or what is being investigated in these northern reaches of the Chihuahuan Desert here in West Texas? It is commonly known that Israel is a desert nation which has developed, exported and depended upon sophisticated water management technologies for its survival.

Coincidentally, rumors are flying about town that this man's work may involve water resource management, but the story may just be his cover. Indeed, the man in the black Brooks Brothers suit has recently made outlandish claims that his maternal grandfather, James Joseph Brockman, also referred to as "an old camel jockey" by close friends, was the industrial superintendent of construction on a series of projects for the Bureau of Reclamation during the Great Depression, and that he also supervised the construction of Alamogordo Dam, 16-miles north of Fort Sumner, New Mexico, before moving into the permanent job of Water Reclamation & Management Superintendent until his retirement, after which he planted and managed one of the first pecan orchards in the Pecos River Valley. Pecan orchards have now become an integrated part of the agricultural community and our man in black makes the incredulous claim that he holds farmers and ranchers in the highest esteem.

Yet, another uncanny coincidence in a series of mysterious happenstances involving our enigmatic foreign visitor, is the fact of the camel's use in the supplying of old Fort Davis during its 19th Century days as a military outpost of the United States Cavalry. Combined with his extensive, documented history with the oil industry in Southeast Texas, together with his maternal grandfather's status as a first generation immigrant left orphaned temporarily in Utica, New York when his mother died, and we have "an enigma wrapped in a conundrum" that only a pesherist could decipher.

Our man's paternal lineage traces through Y-chromosome DNA tracking to the 8th Century Viking invaders along England's east coast near Essex, Wessex and Sussex, facing the English Channel. But just as enigmatic is the coded "Hamm" reference to Cold War espionage technology suggested by his ambiguous reference.

In addition to the confounding suspicions regarding his background, the man in black was observed on Monday interviewing the local librarian, Francis S. Jones, regarding packages received as donations to the library via his largess. Ms. Jones had no clue about such packages or about his inquiries regarding the computer capabilities of the library. One witness, a visitor to the library, seemed perturbed by his use of a technologically advanced black camera with a very expensive lens and demanded that he not use it to take photographs of him in the library -- suspicious behavior indeed, especially given the librarian's reputation as a research assistant to those seeking specialized knowledge. Uncharacteristically, Ms. Jones had no comment.

When asked what he thought about the suspicious new resident seen about town interviewing citizens and taking photographs, Ike Ward, member of the Balmorhea City Counsel, [pictured at right participating in the recent homecoming parade], stated for the record that he didn't have a clue what was going on.

The unfolding story is patiently proceeding of its own course -- just as the video demonstrates -- and involves archaeological evidence of an esoteric nature, evidence that may link the community of Balmorhea and its surrounds as close by as Toyah and Saragossa, and as distant as the ancient Essene Community of Qumran on the Dead Sea in the West Bank. There is even some talk that the common current that links them is so secret that the acronym UFO is being applied; although, it is not promoted by the Balmorhea Progressive, who is investigating leads that deal more directly with desert ecosystems, and water resources than with space travel and alien beings.

We will keep you updated on this story as it develops; but for now we will continue to follow leads to the identity of the mystery guest among us here in Balmorhea [c.f. video above].

Bailey Wo Xiang
Investigative Journalist
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Editor-In-Chief The Balmorhea Progressive &
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