Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's My Name, Baby?

I went hunting for this song today on the internet to use as background for a photo-set I'm preparing. I know there is Grace in our every step. Look what walked up and taught me how to dance when it's raining! A sweet, sweet memory of friendship never forgotten. This one's for you, Alonzo. And for the people you inspire. [You're wife is going to hate me for encouraging you.]

Now, "What I would like to see happen is for you to ___________." In this case, it has got to be, "....for you to teach your whole group of recovering inmates to do this number for your next Cultural Awareness Class."

Dr. J., you made coming to work fun; and you reinforced our commonly held belief that work should be fun -- not just for Sigmund Freud -- but for all of us. That's the secret so, so many "serious" supervisors won't let you tell.

Look closely now. For in looking closely, it is Freud's legacy moving, shaking with the rhythm long before even Elvis himself found it, and it was Beethoven -- "As black as a Moor" -- teaching him to dance. So get out there and shake a legacy.

Okay, you know how much I hate doing this: "It is Freud's leg-I-see shaking...."

How Sweet It Is!


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