Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fishing Party Rescues Dog a Mile from Land

Align CenterJake
Photo by Shingo Mutoh

A fishing guide and his clients were out on an excursion on November 8th off the coast of Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, when they came across a disoriented Yellow Lab, pictured above, swimming a mile off the coast. The story is here, published today by the Raleigh-Durham News Observer.
"Dean Lamont is a professional fishing guide, plying the waters around Cape Lookout. Depending upon the season and local conditions, Lamont guides anglers to red drum, speckled trout, false albacore -- whatever species presents the best opportunity.

"He can add Labrador retriever to the list.

"On Nov. 8, while guiding Tim Wilson of Raleigh and Shingo Mutoh of Durham, Lamont and his party caught (and later released) a yellow Lab more than a mile from the nearest dry land."
Jake had apparently jumped into the water after his owner left him on-board a fishing vessel. His owner had taken a fishing companion, using a dingy that was in tow, closer in on the marshes on the North Carolina coast. The party of fishermen who rescued Jake were caring and responsible enough to search until they found his human caretakers. Heart warming.

What would pique my interest in an East Coast story like this? Below is a picture of my dog, Buddy Sattva, swimming in the central irrigation canal here in Balmorhea:

Buddy Sattva

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