Sunday, November 9, 2008

Juan Carrasco Mercantile, Balmorhea (Balmorhea? Brogado? It's All the Same)

Now in it's third generation of family management, Carrasco's has been a Balmorhea institution for years. The current owner-manager, Hector Rodriguez, represents the third generation and is second generation patriarch Rosendo Carrasco's son-in-law.

In fact, there is now a fourth generation in training, Hector's son Michael [pictured left], but he's going to college to become a rapper not a grocer (just kidding). This is the guy who plays the rap music on the outside speakers when the old man's not paying attention.

As you can tell by my levity, a healthy sense of humor pervades the atmosphere at Carrasco's and their many happy customers add to the hale and hardy ambiance.

Hector and his son maintain the family smokehouse tradition but it's now done in homemade smokers such as the large one seen under the porch, pictured above. The monster, Big Mama, is mounted on a trailer and follows the family to local cookouts and festivals.

Why, if it weren't for the Carrasco family, the local flock of wild turkeys that roam about at will in "Downtown Balmorhea" would be an endangered species this time of year. They even have their own road sign with a logo as if signifying "Slow Turkeys."

Our Beloved Justice of the Peace Rosendo Carrasco, son of Juan, used to hold court here in a small office on the southwest corner of the building. He's even performed a wedding or two right here and in various other places around Balmorhea, such as la Calera Chapel. "Judge Rosendo" now maintains his office in the new Balmorhea Community Center.

Carrasco's is located on the right, 2-miles south on 17 off the Balmorhea Exit on I-10 and 2-miles before you get to "Downtown Balmorhea" (and watch out for the turkeys!).

Big Mama
Juan Carrasco Mercantile
Brogado, Texas

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