Sunday, November 30, 2008

UFO/TARS Update: "The Hunter RQ-5A" or "Next time, dinner can wait, Ma"

The Hunter

The Hunter RQ-5A is a tactical unmanned areal vehicle (TUAV) produced by Israel Aerospace Industries. It can achieve speeds up to 126-mph and deployed in Arizona by Homeland Security's U.S. Border Patrol. The Hunter may now be operating along the Texas border as well.

In the previous article, we reported that on the evening of November 22, a West Texas resident who identified himself only as "Bobby," a mechanic working in Marfa, witnessed while speeding home for dinner, an unidentified flying object traveling beside him on Texas highway-166 in the Chihuahuan Desert near the Texas-Mexico border. He stated to this writer that he thought he had outrun the object once he achieved speeds in excess of 130-mph in his souped-up Chrysler sports coup. Yikes!

After researching tactical unmanned aerial vehicles, and then limiting the investigation to those used by the U.S. Border Patrol, we can now confidently speculate that our own West Texas Dale Earnhardt, Jr. [interviewed in the article below] had been checked-out by a Hunter RQ-5A or RQ-6 working in association with the Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS) located nearby. In fact, we are now fairly certain that a photograph of him, his car and his license plates are now on file with Homeland Security, even though a cadre of Texas state troopers we interviewed that night in the local Dairy Queen were totally unaware of their use.

The next time he tries to board an international flight to Cancun with his girlfriend he'll find out for certain if he is on their "terrorist watch list," a "no-fly" TRIP list that includes Senator Edward M. Kennedy and every independent journalist who has ever questioned the constitutionality of their tactics, said an unkind word about DHS Czar Michael Chertoff or dated their exes.

Yes, Bobby, there is an unmanned sleigh in the winter skies over West Texas. And if there is room on their list of bad boys for Ted Kennedy, there is surely room for a grease-covered auto mechanic from West Texas who drives fast near Ojinaga. ["OJ" is one of the plazas run by the Sinaloa Cartel.]

In fact, we'll even go out on a limb for him:
Given that he was obviously exhausted from a hard day's work and really covered in lots of engine grease the night we met on a deserted stretch of Texas highway, standing in awe of a UFO that turned out to be the "TARS Blimp," we believe that we can safely speculate that Bobby is indeed who he says he is -- a home-grown West Texas mechanic -- and not a "drug runner" working for the Mexican drug cartels. Therefore, no further surveillance is necessary by the virtual security forces prosecuting the War on Drugs.

Perhaps instead of harassing him for hot-roding through the desert at speeds up to 200-mph, in recognition of his obvious driving and mechanical skills, they should offer him a job. But then, they don't seem to need pilots and drivers anymore, do they?

Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle -- Hunter RQ-6

UPDATE: December 4, 2008

With the deployment of the Predator-B on the Canadian border this week, it was announced that the UAV has been in use on the U.S.-Mexico border since 2005. The Predator will achieve air speeds of up to 136-mph.


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