Monday, December 1, 2008

Here I sit again at the crossroads...

...looking for a new career,
looking at a new job,
looking for a new way to make things happen.

right here again at the crossroads...
...looking for a new time?

looking for a new place?
looking for a new face that don't know Clapton?'s all the same, baby.
you know I ain't jealous.
just let me lay back a while
while you go on and be zealous.

my heart's in my hands here at this crossroads,
...wondering how it just keeps beatin'
wondering whether you think it's cheatin'
and why you seem to just keep laughin'
kickin' back at the crossroads.

In Memory of George Harrison
February 25, 1943 -- November 29, 2001

And to my own rebirth
February 10, 1972

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