Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Untimely Death of Haskalah; Lamentations for Palestine

Minerva by Vedder-Highsmith

 Far of'n the steeps of Galatia
There lived fair maiden Haskalah
Her torches kissed Eurasia
Seen dancing in the Light

Suitors 'cross the Rhineland
As far the south to Marrah
'Mong whom Mose' ben-Maimon
Appeared the shinning knight

Far 'way the darkened Templars
Guil'd in capes of Mallah
Like stealthy Edmund Kemper
Set off to bring the night

Yet glowing fore the Pale
They found the beauteous Haskalah
And covering Her with veil
Left the land in blight

They sailed to far off Palestine
The Lotus of Dharamshal­a
Across the strait of Byzantine
They blasphemed Her sacrifice

They came in ships to Haifa
And cursing fair Ramallah
Dragged out the ghost of Kaifa
Pretentiou­s of their rights

In the rubble of Al Aqaba
They buried sweet Haskalah
And calling on El Abba
They put away Her Light

Through dreams She strikes as lightning
Our Lady of Carmela
Lamenting Love so frightenin­g
Yon Zion sleeps the night

Cry out from domes of sapphire
Oh criers of Haskalah
Proclaim Her open shire
Turn Zion to the Light

"Your Bride is only sleeping,
Ben-Maimon­," cries Haskalah
Zion is but weeping
Ashkenazim brought us blight

How beautiful on the mountain
Are the feet of fair Haskalah
Let Glory from your fountain
Your Kingdom is of Light

Moses Mendelssohn

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